FAQs About My Services

Is the first consultation free?
Yes! Our first meeting will consist of a general conversation about what kind of service(s) you are looking for. We can talk through any questions or concerns you may have with your upcoming project. I want to make sure that my services are the best fit for you.
How long is the consultation?
The consultation is 15 minutes.
What are your writing and editing costs?
My prices vary based on how much work is needed to complete your project(s). Some work may take a day while others may take months. We can discuss this during your consultation.
Are your meetings via phone, in person or through a video hosting service?
Whatever works best for you! If you live in the DMV area, I’m happy to meet with you in person to discuss your project. If not, I’m can jump on a phone call or any video hosting service such as Zoom, FaceTime or Skype for a meeting.
Which work do you enjoy the most?
I enjoy them all, but I personally like editing and tutoring because I am able to interact with people most. I’m very personable, so communication is very important to me.
Do you offer tutoring services to anyone?
Of course! Age or experience isn't an issue at all. I specifically have a background in tutoring college students, but the skills that I have obtained throughout the years can be applied to everyone.
What if I just have a story idea and no written work yet?
That’s completely fine. I've always believed it’s important to have someone help you transform your vision into a product. I'm available to support you through the initial steps and the brainstorming process. Let me guide you from the beginning to the end to make your masterpiece come to life.
What if I don’t have a background in writing?
That’s what I’m here for! I have almost a decade of professional writing experience. Let me apply my skills to your work and you’ll be good to go. A degree in writing is not required for you to write a book, article, etc. As long as you have a passion for it, that’s all that matters.
Do you offer additional services?
Yes I do! I’m available to host/moderate events, serve as a panelist and speak at conferences. I also offer audio transcribing services as well.